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Can You Sue Boat Rental Companies for Injuries in Miami?

Miami is a very popular vacation spot.  Thousands of tourists and visitors come to our lovely beaches, and many spend some of their days out on the water.  This means that many rent jet skis or boats for a day on the water for a fun opportunity to try something new. ...

What is the Leading Cause of Boat Accidents in Miami?

The greater Miami area leads the nation in number of boat accidents.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement keeps statistics on boating accidents throughout Florida and reports them in annual reports.  The most recent year...

When Can You Sue for Aggressive Driving or Road Rage in Miami?

Driving can be dangerous in Miami, and it is made worse by aggressive drivers and road rage incidents.  If another driver tries to run you off the road or intentionally crashes into you, it can result in a horrific car crash.  When you’re involved in a road rage car...


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