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The birth of a child is intended to be a wonderful experience for a mother and her family. Throughout her pregnancy, a mother may have grown to trust the doctor overseeing her pregnancy to provide the best care for her and her child. That is why it may come as a shock that a trusted doctor committed malpractice that resulted in the injury of a mother’s newborn child. If you or your child was injured during labor, consult with an experienced Miami childbirth injury attorney today.

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Common Childbirth Injuries in Miami, FL

Labor can be difficult for a mother and her child. The situation can become even more dangerous if the doctor in charge of the pregnancy acts negligently when a mother is in labor. For example, failing to properly use a birth-assisting instrument can cause injuries to a mother and her child.

The following is a list of common childbirth injuries in Miami that may occur due to an incident of medical malpractice.

Caput Succedaneum

If a doctor believes that a mother will have a difficult labor that could potentially injure her child, they should take steps to avoid this possibility. For example, an infant that is above the average weight of a newborn the child may have to be delivered via cesarean section due to a risk of the child becoming stuck in the birth canal.

When a child’s head becomes stuck in the birth canal, the pressure from the vaginal wall and uterus may cause the child to develop caput succedaneum (CS). CS is a birth injury that can be identified due to the swelling of the baby’s scalp.

Difficult labor is not the only cause of CS. For example, if a doctor misuses a birth-assisting instrument like a vacuum extractor, this can also seriously injure a newborn. These tools are designed to pull a child from the womb, but excessive force can be dangerous for a child.

Maternal Hemorrhaging

When a mother goes through labor, it is normal for her to experience some loss of blood. However, if a mother suffers a hemorrhage while giving birth, this can cause a dangerous or even fatal amount of blood loss.

One common cause of maternal hemorrhaging is the use of medication during labor. For example, Pitocin is a drug that is often administered to a mother to induce labor or speed up contractions. However, the drug can also cause violent contractions that can lead to hemorrhaging.

Poor use of birth-assisting instruments can also be the cause of maternal hemorrhaging. For example, excessive force when using forceps can damage a mother’s birth canal and cause significant bleeding.

Brachial Plexus Injury

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that are located in a person’s arms, and shoulders and that link the arms and hands to the spinal cord. Brachial plexus injuries often occur because a baby’s shoulders were stuck in the birth canal for too long or because a doctor pulled the baby’s arm with too much force.

As the brachial plexus controls movement in a person’s hands and arms, an injury to the brachial plexus may result in difficulty moving the arms and hands in multiple areas. For example, a newborn child may be unable to make certain hand motions. A severe injury to the brachial plexus that causes a nerve to tear can lead to permanent nerve damage in many cases.

Vaginal Tears

The size and weight of a child will typically determine whether a mother will have a difficult labor. For example, if an unborn child is too large to safely fit through the mother’s birth canal, they can cause a mother to suffer a vaginal tear. A vaginal tear is a laceration that affects the tissues in the vagina.

There are varying degrees of vaginal tears with first-degree tears being the least severe and fourth-degree tears being the most severe. If a doctor fails to suggest a cesarean section or other alternatives to decrease the risk of a perineal tear, they could be held liable for the injuries the mother experienced.

These are only a few common injuries related to childbirth. If you experienced an injury not listed above in Miami, Florida, you should consider pursuing a medical malpractice claim against the parties responsible.

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